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When the product extends the extreme to environmental applications and 3C products to light, thin, short, small, and exquisite design on the occasions, new product development needs while introducing technology and expertise in different areas of background (such as: precision optics, digital control, thermal conductivity, safety protection, electrical power...) to the chain of integrated technology on new products. Power supply management process for new product development encountered and can not be divided into segments handled cross-cutting issues, you can consider the establishment of a new technical team to solve; of course you can have another choice - “A professional team commissioned to design".

Young Green Energy (YGE) power research and development team, a group of rich qualifications, pragmatic, pursuit of the ideal professional achievements composed, in addition to the parent company in the service-related business companies of the Coretronic Group, also accept customized specification or jointly developed in response to market demand for a variety of applications or solutions tailored to customers high reliability power supplies comply with the international regulations of the design and production. The YGE’s outstanding and solid team can fully play the "winner's Pushing Hands," expectations for domestic and foreign enterprises the best partner to success.

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Young Green Energy Co. was founded in 1999 as a fully owned subsidiary of Coretronic Group. The Development of energy saving and intelligent analytic products is our core business mission. Based on the core competences of optical design, mechanical design, electronic circuit design and thermal management, to develop the relevant technology of advanced power management and near-infrared spectral analysis, provide a full range of switching power supplies and the near-infrared spectral scanning module solutions to help customers from design to development of a full range of support services.

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