Interactive Technology

Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) Screen

Featuring the same touch control technologies on iPhone/iPad, PCT provides great touch experience from low latency, and fast response speed. Coupled with other advantages such as intuitive operation, multi-point touch input and plug-and-play features, users will be able to benefit from an optimized experience that will significantly improve coordination/collaboration and facilitate brainstorming.

Product features

  • 30-point touch inputs
  • Accurate & Instantaneous response
  • Supports simultaneous touch input from fingers and pens
  • Support physical & virtual tool teaching
  • Supports writing and erasing with typical whiteboard markers
  • Free from issues of hover, shadow, light interference and etc.
  • Board type & Roll type available

Light curtain touch (LCT) Screen

With its built-in light detectors and sensors to trace the motion of touch control, LCT turns any wall surface into an interactive interface. This makes it an ideal and economical integrated touch control solution for businesses and schools. With a single interactive projector, users will be able to replace their interactive whiteboards.

Product features

  • Supports 10 points simultaneous input
  • Finger touch detection
  • Applicable on whiteboards and flat-panel screens


Application Solution