Augmented Reality

AR Glasses System Integration

Coretronic delivers cutting edge wearable system integration and optical engine products.  Its team of experienced member has developed system integrated and optics design technologies, extensive know-how, and manufacturing techniques to create a disruptive new and high quality of wearable devices that providing a high quality system integration and high performance optical engine to any worldwide potential AR companies.

AR Glasses Optical Engine

Coretronic is enabling to provide  standard or customized optical engines for wearable headset devices because of the small, light-weight form factors, and the ability to produce high brightness and colorful images to enhance the capabilities of Coretronic's display optical engine.

Coretronic provides customized optics solutions for transparent displays in wearable device for varieties applications, included industry and consumer fields. Coretronic's developed optics engine is very compact while creating beautiful images with comfortable visual experience. Design members are professional in building modules, incorporating displays, backlight, and optics ensures that optical components are able to provide an optimal viewing experience.

Features of AR Glasses Optical Engine

Coretronic's optical engines are comprised of 2 critical components:

  • LCoS/DLP Optical Engine
  • Transparent Optical Lens

Coretronic's optical engines provide:

  • Wide field of view
  • Highly resolution
  • Daylight readable brightness
  • Crystal clear see-through view of the physical world
  • Customized design

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