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ISE 2018: Coretronic Smart Cloud Service Platforms Ushers in New Cloud Era

Amsterdam, the Netherlands - The Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show for the audio-video industry was held with much fanfare between February 6 ~ 9, 2018, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Coretronic Corporation is the supplier of innovative display system solutions. As a subsidiary company of Coretronic, Coretronic Intelligent Cloud Service Corporation debuted its technologies, such as cloud service platforms, big data analytics, facial recognition, targeted advertising and smart shelves to create the “future store scenario” for smart retail market.
Believing that facial recognition and smart shops will become the next baseline for the retail industry in the future, Coretronic has been investing in the development of smart cloud solutions, such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, computer vision, IoT and cloud service platforms for a number of years. The smart cloud solutions which Coretronic Intelligent Cloud Service has developed so far include Smart Signage Platform, Smart Retail Platform, and Smart Shelf Platform. In the past, a store may receive an influx of consumers but know nothing about their gender, age, emotion or shopping habits. Nor could they later reach out to these consumers with advertising they might be interested in for sales promotion. After introducing Smart Retail Platform, abstract data can be converted into more valuable information. The store increases sales with in-depth knowledge of consumer behavior and the customers can shop easily at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.
Smart Shelf Platform provides consumers with detailed product information and shopping guides. Fun interactions with smart shelves provide a superior service and shopping experience by making shopping more interesting and helping consumers pick the right product more quickly. As a result, the increasing return rate and satisfaction of consumers brings advertisers and retailers more revenue.
Coretronic Intelligent Cloud Service actively focuses on smart digital signage and smart retail with service-based business model, aspiring to become the leading provider of smart retail solutions. Its system has been successfully deployed in mass transit systems, airports, convenience store chains and chain cosmetic & beauty shops.
Also on display at the Coretronic booth were immersive curved interactive walls, with smart seamless signage display solutions, and 4K digital signage display solutions. Calibre UK Ltd., a member of the Coretronic Corporation, was on hand to showcase its latest HQUltra4030 seamless scaler-switcher as well. The innovative technologies and solutions on display are intended for business, education, signage and image processing applications. For more information, please visit