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Wearable Display Solutions

Coretronic delivers customized AR total solutions in outstanding quality for brand customers by leveraging our 20+ years solid visual technology experience.


Complete optical engine development and design

With the compact size and lightweight design of standard optical engine, it has a highly competitive size which effectively addresses the biggest concerns for wearable designers. It can integrate different types of waveguides to provide customized products. Aside from the standard optical engine, Coretronic is dedicated to developing customized optical engine solutions, which provides an array of selections for designing wearable display devices. Selections include different display panels as well as the design and manufacturing of optical engine for different waveguides. Our team members are specialized in display solutions and can ensure the best design combination for the finest visual experience.

Comprehensive AR display module integration

The importance of an optical module, the core component of AR wearables, is the same as the touch screens on smartphones. Coretronic now offers solutions for common hardware problems in AR wearables using standard or customized optical engine module (optical engine + waveguides) integration for development of innovative, practical and high quality AR wearables. At the same time, we also provide an AR optical engine module which addresses market trends and unique specifications to improve our competitiveness and quickly achieve mass production. Working with different end system designs of customers, can create a module which is a major applications in the development of AR wearables associated with personal entertainment displays, businesses, education, military, automotive and industry.

Find Customizable VR Solutions at Coretronic.

Augmented Reality

Our customizable augmented reality glasses systems.

We are so proud of our innovative technologies

360° Head Tracking

Our IR camera transmits positional information with full-360 head tracking, giving you instantly-responsive directional input in all three dimensions. Coretronics' customized VR HMD products include expandable leap motion device that lets users take control with their own hands.

110° wide angle + Latency < 13ms

Incredible 90Hz high refresh rate allied with the Coretronics' low-latency advanced bridge chip delivers true virtual reality without technological limitation. Minimizing motion-to-photon latency provides the human brain with the most comfortable and realistic experience possible.

2 x 3.81" OLED Panel

A 2160 x 1200 dual-display (1080 x 1200 per eye) low-persistence OLED silver screen running at 90 frames per second, combined with custom-designed optics, gives you staggeringly vibrant, clear visuals whether you're gaming or watching immersive content.

Adjustable pupil distance and sight distance

Enabling pupil distance and focal distance to be personally-adjusted lets everybody get comfortable with VR.

Own Developed Media Player for VR HMD

Coretronic's VR solution is not only perfectly compatible with most of the virtual reality content in the market but plays well with any non-virtual reality content. More and more VR content is available every day, but you watch all your favorite moves - only this time with a new sense of realism.