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We're not just a manufacturer, but a total solution consultant. Consult us on any projection related matters and take your business to the next level.


One-stop service

Starting a new business is never easy. Luckily you have us. Explore your business opportunities with Coretronic; you'll find a suitable partner can save you a great deal of time and resources to turn an idea into a product or solution.

Tailor-made visual solution

Our in-house design and manufacturing skills allow Coretronic to offer highly-customized solutions to meet your business needs.

Over 20 years of hands-on experience

Coretronic is the world's largest and foremost DLP projector manufacturing company. For more than 20 years we have leveraged our core competences in optical, mechanical, electrical, and thermal technologies and software capabilities to create first-to-market products, and built up a unique all-win ecosystem in the projection market.

Reliable quality and stable output

Coretronic is known for its high product quality and reliability. We focus on quality each step of the way, from design to mass production, so you can always count on us to set the bar high for business reputation and customer loyalty.

From the inside out, we know everything about projection

From DMD modules, LED modules, projection lenses, optical engines, heat sinks, fans, PCBA for A/V and I/O, power supplies and keypad controls to chassis, industrial design, peripherals, packing, regulations for standalone projectors, Coretronic is your most professional projection consultant.

See our Embedded System products

Optical Engine Module

Coretronic has always opted for simple but thorough designs for module interfaces so that clients can easily create new applications with their independently-developed systems.

Optical Sub-system Module

Our optical sub-systems are designed with an eye for optimally integrating optics, mechanisms, electronics and thermal components. Coretronic's subsystem modules are easy to incorporate into your products and systems, creating new opportunities in the market.

PoE Power Supply

When your product design extends to the extremes, whether environmental, form factor, safety, or other dimensions, your power supply requirements change too - often in unexpected ways. You could consider establishing a new technical team to solve them - or, of course, you could consult our dedicated design team.

We are so proud of our innovative technologies

Eco-friendly best Lumens-Per-Watt and best Lumens-Per-CC LED Embedded System

We work hard to pursue breakthroughs in LED sub-system design to deliver the best Lumens-Per-Watt and best Lumens-Per-CC LED projector to market. By applying our high-efficiency optical system design, customizable high-brightness LED projection display design, ultra-high-heat-density design and other innovative technologies to the challenge, we create systems laser-focused on reducing product size and increasing brightness. By doing so, we cater to myriad markets, particularly those with portable and mobile projection requirements.

Optical technology advantages

High efficiency optical system design

Using various CAD analytical tools for optical, mechanical, thermal and other components, we are able to optimize our overall system design in order to achieve high efficiency, high quality system designs in relatively small dimensions.

Thin lighting engine design

We create high efficiency lighting designs in a thin form factor that makes no compromise in delivering functionality.

High efficiency optical component design

Incorporating the designs of various high-efficiency components, we are able to achieve overall system optimization. 

Customizable high brightness LED projection display design

We provide customizable high brightness, high efficiency compact LED projectors that accommodate a huge variety of application requirements. 

Thermal technology advantages

Ultra high heat density design

- Requires smaller physical dimensions (at the same power rating).

Ultra silent design

- Generates less noise (at the same heat density).

Smart temperature control system

- With a cooling fan that automatically regulates temperature within the unit, to ensure all system components are functioning normally.

Premium heat dissipation components

- Joint development of cooling components with our suppliers ensures the components are suitable for our projectors.

- Strict control of component shipping inspection at the supplier's facilities and incoming inspection at Coretronic's factories keeps quality control at the highest possible level.

Sophisticated heat transfer design

- Internal flow design is optimized using computational fluid dynamics software.

- Implementation of comprehensive measurement and testing at various stages of design ensures system safety.

Advantages of solid state light source

Lamp-free projection involves the use of solid state light sources, such as LEDs, lasers or a mixture of both (LED+laser) as a replacement for traditional high pressure mercury bulbs. Solid state light sources are an ideal solution due to two characteristics: 
1. An ultra long lifetime of up to 20,000 hours. This effectively solves the issue of lamp lifecycle for traditional projectors. 
2. A sealed design, which works wonderfully to keep dust and fine particles out of the light source.
The combination of these two characteristics reduces maintenance costs for solid state light source virtually to zero. Not only that, solid state light sources also boast outstanding color performance rivaling flat panel displays, allied with other strengths such as higher brightness, lower power consumption, eco-friendliness (being mercury free) and quick startup (within 3 seconds). These selling features for solid state light sources translate to unlimited market potential for products featuring them.