Even the craziest ideas can come true.

Professional Image

Our professional image solution brilliantly make your creative ideas land on any forms of stunning displays.


Unlimited possibilities with comprehensive range of SSI projectors

As the acknowledged Solid State Illumination (SSI) projector expert, Coretronic has the most comprehensive range of SSI projectors to cater the needs of all kinds of applications, encompassing business and education, digital signage, simulation, museums/exhibitions, rental, stage and projection mapping.

Advanced technology, brilliant images

Image quality and color performance are always the key factors in bringing users mind-blowing visual experiences. That's why Coretronic has developed a unique technology called Multi Color Light Architecture. MCLA™ is a very sophisticated optical structure that offers pure color, vivid and brilliant images in a wider color space. With this exclusive innovation and other improved color techniques, Coretronic is painting a new trail in professional image projection.

Excellent performance comes from creativity

Our customers' satisfaction and needs are our top priority, so we spare no effort in making every possible improvement to our products' performance, developing higher efficiency, greater stability and longer life. Our innovative sealing and thermal solutions strengthen dust-proofing to IP6X rating. This makes heat dissipation efficiency increases of up to 10%, extending lifetime, reducing size and noise, and increasing performance.

Explore every opportunity

Your ideas no longer need be constrained by your equipment or environment. Our stable, high-quality hardware and software solutions are built on the foundation of your professional needs and requirements. With the goal of maximizing the ease and impact of projection whatever your circumstances. Our proprietary AutoQuick functions let you achieve perfect multiple projector setup at the touch of a button, saving time and cost and helping your business run more smoothly and successfully.

Creativity unleashed

To fit every possible installation requirement, our professional projectors are designed to rotate a complete three hundred and sixty degrees. Moreover, a wide range of interchangeable lenses gives you even greater flexibility. Let your imagination soar!

Green the world

Mercury-Free & Long Lifetime
Laser light source projectors have green benefits for our planet. They're non-toxic and environmentally friendly, whereas conventional projectors use potentially-dangerous mercury vapor lamps. In addition, they last five to six times as long as conventional lamps, creating far less waste.

Instant On/Off
No more timewasting warmup and cooldown waits. Unlike conventional projector lamps, Solid State Illumination (SSI) technology allows instant power switching. That means you can turn your projector on and start using it immediately, and turn it off without a cooldown wait before packing it away.  

Eco Mode  
Choose one of several eco modes to optimize output for your environment and reduce energy use by up to 45%.

Our Professional Projection Solutions

Fixed Installation (<7Klm)

High performance, compact, lightweight and quiet projectors, designed for business and education applications such as large meeting rooms, lecture halls and retail stores.

Medium Level (7K lm-10K lm)

Powerful, professional projectors, featuring top-end multiple-projection functions, are ideal for a wide range of pro installations and applications.

Premium Level (>10K lm)

Sophisticated technology enables the creation of extremely high-brightness projectors for large venue applications, offering breath-taking visual experiences and the highest stability.

We are so proud of our innovative laser phosphor technologies

Optical Structure & Color Performance

MCLA™ Technology

Delivering premium image quality, Coretronic's unique Multi Color Light Architecture (MCLA™) optical structure gives you the best visual experience ever. It is an exclusive, state-of-the-art technology that integrates individual pure color elements and dual-wheel design to form a brand new kind of structure. 

Compared with a conventional laser phosphor solution, MCLA™ adds more laser sources with special color wheels, ensuring high color accuracy without compromising on brightness. The technology delivers a wider color gamut (meeting ITU-R Rec. 709) and richer color saturation, displaying vivid, realistic images at high brightness levels.

Dual Wheel Optical Structure

The innovative dual wheel design uses a phosphor wheel to generate yellow and green color elements, and a filter wheel to produce the final red, green, blue and yellow elements. The design solves the speckle problem caused by spatial coherence, resulting in an overall uniformity improvement. Moreover, the RGBY color elements are perfectly optimized to achieve the ideal balance between color performance and brightness.


Thanks to TI DLP BrilliantColor™ technology, overall color performance receives a massive boost. In addition to 3 primary colors (RGB), secondary colors (CYMW) achieves a far higher range of color. Optimizing the color gamut and brightness in turn improves color accuracy and saturation.

Dynamic Black™

Texas Instruments' unique Dynamic Black™ technology is able to modulate light based on the input contents, in order to offer greater dynamic contrast ratio. It darkens the black areas and brightens the white areas, resulting in a sharper image with greater depth, especially when there is little ambient light.

Thermal Solution

Sandwich Structure

The sandwich structure covers the cooling fan in the middle of fin, enabling a 10% heat efficiency saving, so that the size of the thermal modules and thus fan noise can be reduced.

V-shape Structure

The unique V-shape structure is specifically for laser diode (LD) cooling enhancement, adding 10% more heat transfer efficiency by draining LD module heat more quickly, and gaining an additional 2% more light output for higher brightness requirements.

Sunflower Structure 

The sunflower thermal module is designed for phosphor wheel heat dissipation. It enables phosphor wheel temperature reduction, making the system more stable and allowing higher brightness output.

Liquid Cooling

Liquid cooling technology provides the most efficient heat control capability, automatically bringing heat out of the system and a low internal temperature. The technology is mainly integrated into high end projector designs to make sure the heat is transferred efficiently, to enable high brightness levels while simultaneously keeping size and noise to a minimum.

Sealed Design

Coretronic's sealed design is an innovative dust-proof solution which entirely eliminates dust and particles from the internal light path. By using a range of different materials such as rubber, sponge and o-rings to fill in any possible gaps, the sealed design makes sure the optical engine is 100% isolated from dust contamination so that IP6X level is achieved. It maintains brilliant colors, reliable brightness and overall system stability, especially when the projector is exposed to outdoor environments, making it the ideal choice for large venue, rental and stage applications.

Installation Flexibility

AutoQuick Function

Our user-friendly AutoQuick software lets you set up multiple projectors automatically, utilizing a unique grid-line method to adjust settings via feedback signals and precise algorithms. Rapidly achieve perfect image presentation with convenient and efficient warping, blending and stacking, dramatically saving you time and money.

 Time Saving
Auto adjustment only takes a few minutes to complete, whereas manual operation takes hours. It is much easier, faster and saves a lot of time and cost.   

High Accuracy
Overlapping areas are automatically computed and perfectly matched, so that a huge screen image projected from several units looks natural.

Perfect Equalization
Unlike with manual adjustment, every grid space can be equalized separately, so that the multiple projected images are 100% corrected, without distortions.      

Projection Surface Shape Accommodation
Automatic calibration allows projection of content onto any desired shape, allowing projection to move from display-only applications to become part of artworks.

Easy Maintenance
Bundled with easy warp function, easily recover your correction settings with a single click. 

Blending, Color Matching

Used for multiple projections on any surface, our advanced blending function offers brightness adjustment that lets you balance brightness on overlapped projection areas. It helps to produce a natural, seamless large-size image without visible boundaries, perfect for huge screen applications like museums, control rooms and outdoor projections.

Color Matching
Color matching ensures the projected colors from different projection are aligned so that the combined projections look like a single, seamless image.


The advanced warping function adjusts projection images on flat or curved surfaces. It helps to eliminate image distortion and deformation, so that the correct image geometry is achieved. It works for a variety of surface shapes, providing great benefits for museums, outdoor projection mapping, and stage applications where the projection surface could be of any shape.


Stacking function solves geometric distortion issues when stacking several projected images together, achieving higher brightness levels at lower cost.

Constant Color

Constant color helps maintain color performance. It makes sure the original color won't change when the output light start to degrade over time. Your images will always look as pretty as the beginning without degradation.   

Constant Brightness

Constant brightness helps to keep the output brightness level stable when the output light start to degrade over time, by automatically adjusting the power current to maintain brightness. Your images will always look the same as always without degradation.   

Free Orientation

Free orientation feature allows infinite installation possibilities, enabling you to set up projection from any direction, at any angle. 360-degree vertical, horizontal and even rotational installation lets you easily find the best location for optimal projection performance. More installation choices opens up new opportunities and application such as digital signage, exhibition and dome projections.


Control Management - LAN

LAN functions offer a wider range of optional tools to help better control or monitor projectors. Projectors can be controlled by web-based tools like Crestron and AMX communicating through the Internet, or simple comment delivery tools like Telnet via the RS232 port, RJ45 port or a WiFi dongle. It provides the easiest solution for remote control and monitor management, saving cost and time in terms of information sharing and after-sales service.  

3D Projection

Equipped with an active 3D function, the projector is capable of receiving a 3D signal, and allows users to view the 3D content through an IR/RF emitter and 3D glasses. In order to provide the best viewing experience, we support the most popular 3D formats, which can be selected depending on the contents and sources.    

Control Management - HDBaseT

HDBaseT provides a long distance signal transmission and multiple signal integration solution, to reduce the complexity of installation. With a single Cat5e/Cat6 cable up to 100m long, it is able to transmit uncompressed HD  video, audio and even control signals, bringing excellent time and cost savings.

3D Blending

3D blending function is a sophisticated technology specifically designed for large screen, 3D video projected by multiple units. It requires several high-end methodologies such as frame synchronization and light compensation to achieve the desired performance so that the vivid, lifelike pictures can be enjoyed.