The new generation is just too smart to be easily-impressed.


That's why you need us. Coretronic offers the education market a comprehensive collection of visual solutions. You can select the combination of light source, throw ratio, brightness and interactive options to perfectly fit your needs and keep your teaching style on trend.


Contribute to innovation & Create the smart classroom for children

In the era when everyone has a smartphone or tablet, the traditional one-way teaching method can no longer address students' needs for information, nor can it drive the passion for study. Coretronic's interactive and collaborative projection solution combines the world's first ultra-short-throw laser projector and self-developed interactive technologies (Projected capacitive touch/Light curtain touch) and is the No.1 choice for all educational institutions to embrace interactive teaching trends.

Intuitive interface & Never miss a message

Still recording your discussion by hand-written notes or cameras? CaptureBoard, a digital whiteboard designed especially for group discussion, is the economic solution for various occasions. The intuitive interface enables users to capture their writing with only one button while sharing the writing to multiple devices simultaneously. CaptureBoard can be installed indoors or outdoors so that it significantly enhances the collaboration convenience. It is now available in "60cm x 90 cm" and "120cm x 80cm" for different applications.

Ultra clear even when the lights are on

Coretronic offers a comprehensive line of short-throw and long-throw projection solutions to address the demand of a larger and clearer image in medium to large classrooms, audiovisual rooms and auditoriums. The high lumen enables these solutions to display vivid details clearly even when the lights are on. Viewers will never miss a detail on the screen at longer distances allowing significant improvement in their engagement.

The wider the whiteboard, the smarter the students

The most satisfying part of a teacher's job, and often the most challenging, is engaging a student interests to become a motivated learner and embrace the subject; materials and presentation go a long way to helping this happen. Coretronic provides you the ultra-wide solution. Customized software lets everyone save notes, hide and reveal, drag and drop, annotate important content - all in a no-chalk teaching environment that lets you intuitively use traditional teaching tools in a new, digital way.

Our Education Solutions


Short throw and ultra short throw projectors specifically for applications and environments that require large image projection with limited projection distance or space.

We are so proud of our innovative technologies

Ultra-Wide Laser Projector

The world's first ultra short throw projector that displays up to a 134" image that can be split into two independent pictures (in 4:3 ratio). This enables dual-screen use during class to enhance teaching efficiency and intuitively encourage brainstorming sessions.

Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT)

Featuring the same touch control technologies as the iPhone and iPad, PCT's fast response speed provides zero latency. Coupled with other advantages such as intuitive operation, multi-point touch input and plug-and-play features, users benefit from an optimized experience that significantly improves coordination and collaboration while facilitating brainstorming.

Product features:
● 30-point touch
● Instantaneous feedback
● Ultra-high precision
● Supports simultaneous touch input from fingers and pens
● Supports writing and erasing with typical whiteboard markers
● Free from issues of hover, shadow, light interference etc.
● Roll type available

Light Curtain Touch (LCT)

With its built-in camera sensors to trace touch control motions, our Light Curtain Touch (LCT) screen turns any wall surface into an interactive interface. This makes it an ideal and economical integrated touch control solution for businesses and schools, replacing interactive whiteboards with an interactive projector.

Product features:
● Supports 10-point simultaneous input
● Laser screen detection
● Compatible with whiteboards and flat-panel screens

Smart Connection

Ultrawide Projection with PC-Free Interactive Touch
Product features:
● Instant on and write
● Picture-by-Picture (PBP) for PC screen & whiteboard
● PC-free on screen annotation
● Image shift (right/center/left)
● Interactive on PC/whiteboard simultaneously