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The Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show for the audio-video industry was held with much fanfare between February 6 ~ 9, 2018, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Coretronic Corporation, the leading provider of innovative display solutions, constructed a mock-up of a train station featuring its unique "Smart Seamless Signage Display Solutions" for creating an immersive user experience. The new solutions will help business partners expand the gap between projection and flat panel displays as well as lower the entry threshold to the multi-display advertising market.


The biggest challenge in multimedia advertising has always been how to capture the consumer's attention. The "Smart Seamless Signage Display Solutions" not only can continuously operate around-the-clock for up to 20,000 hours without interruption, but also support all types of multimedia devices, providing advertisers with Fascinating display performance. Stations, retail store, dynamic advertising walls, corporate conference rooms and lobbies, hotel hallways, exhibition halls, museums, and other public spaces are all potential applications for the solutions. It can also be customized to different market requirements as well.


Conventional projection blending requires a team of specialists for equipment installation, cabling and calibration, a process that often takes a great deal of time, money and manpower. The proprietary "Smart Seamless Signage Display Solutions" developed by Coretronic solves this problem by providing one-button configuration for all displays. Only one cable is necessary for all video and audio signals, greatly reducing installation difficulty and installer training costs. The main pain points of the blending market have therefore been successfully overcome.


Also on display at the Coretronic booth was the future store scenario, immersive curved interactive wall, and 4K digital signage display solutions. Calibre UK Ltd., a member of the Coretronic Corporation, was on hand to showcase its latest HQUltra4030 seamless scaler-switcher as well. The innovative technologies and solutions on display are intended for business, education, large digital signage and image processing applications. For more information, please visit vsbg.coretronic.com.


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