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Hsinchu is a high-tech city and has been called the Silicon Valley of Taiwan. To celebrate the 300th anniversary of Hsinchu’s founding, the Hsinchu 300 Expo organized by the City Government will be held in Hsinchu Art Museum for 9 days from July 21st. Coretronic will be participated in this Expo due to being awarded with innovating products by the Ministry of Science and Technology and will display “the World’s First Immersive Curve Touch System” in the “Self-Made City” exhibition area for people to interact with and experience the fun of future technology.

Having fun with Coretronic's Interactive Future Technology

“Hsinchu 300 expo” has 6 exhibition areas, gathering local quality products, technology products and model enterprises to show the rich history and culture of Hsinchu, technical capability and vision. In the "Self-Made City" exhibition area where high-tech lifestyles are demonstrated, "the World’s First Immersive Curve Touch System" exhibited by Coretronic has made advanced technology a joy by creating a variety of interactive games: Adults and children can improve their  concentration and memory in “Photo Gallery”. They can also stretch their imagination to paint on "Graffiti Wall", and can use “Digital Instruments” to give an improvisation. Through the rich and fun technology experiences, the exhibition area becomes a haven of edutainment.

The amazing Adventages of this exclusive Immersive Curve Touch System

This exclusive Immersive Curve Touch System includes three proprietary technologies: flexible projected capacitive touch screen, ultra-short-throw laser projectors and the world’s first automated image blending system. Seamless blending of multiple projectors can be done automatically with a single button, saving repetitive manual installations and adjustments. The flexible and magnetic capacitive touch screen can easily solve the present problem of carrying large interactive devices. Moreover, it has various sizes for different places such as classrooms, meeting rooms, exhibition halls and retail displays. The longest size of this new innovation can reach 7m, and with a precise 30-point touch function, users’ creativities and potential can be inspired immediately.

The system also combines “Cloud Computing”, you can capture and share the instant image of the interactive information wall with one click to support concurrent browsing in different locations and different devices, diversifying the ways of learning. While having fun in learning, the system can  help improve education quality as well as digitalizing teaching material, so children can focus on understanding rather than simply copying down notes without thinking.


Hsinchu 300 Expo is held by the Hsinchu City government at Hsinchu Art Museum from July 21st to July 29. The opening hours are from 10am to 6pm. The exclusive “Immersive Curve Touch System” by Coretronic is located at No. 3 the “Self-Made City” area on the 3rdfloor. Everyone is welcomed to experience the interesting new technology.



DSCF0386Mayor of Hsinchu demonstrating how to use “Digital Instruments”

2400Adults and children can improve their  concentration and memory in “Photo Gallery”