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As a part of Coretronic’s continued adventure into new possibilities in visual solutions, Coretronic has partnered up with Optoma, its projector subsidiary, together they will launch the world's first 'quasi-professional' projector - ZU720T at InfoComm USA- one of the largest professional audio-visual equipment trade shows in the West (June 12th-14th, Orlando, FL, USA, Booth 3833).

Powerful Functionality Re-defines "Quasi-Professional Projection"

The ZU720T quasi-professional projector is the world’s first fixed lens 7000 lm brightness DLP projector model. Removing complicated lens option can reduce the learning curve and the product cost, compared to other high-end projectors. The full range of power lens shift with 1.8X zoom and 360-degree tilt free operation can be configured to satisfy all the different user scenarios in engineering and commercial projection, like long-range for immersive experiences at museums and other large venues, medium-range for 20-person business conference rooms, or short-range such as digital signage in corridors.

The ZU720T quasi-professional projector offers a number of powerful functions for commercial projection. Blending & warping (3D available) is built-in to rapidly blend the imagery from multiple projectors. The platform embedded Android system supports wireless projection for up to one hundred smart devices as well as simultaneous playback of imagery from 4 devices to enable sharing during class or conferences. The 20,000-hour lifetime of the high-brightness laser light-source helps reducing maintenance costs. All these features make the laser projection "more flexible, easy to install, and inexpensive to maintain." In Addition, it’s applications can improve marketing experiences.

R&D Innovations Unlocks the Unlimited Potentials in Projection

According to Coretronic Visual Solutions business, the company has been working on high value added projector product platform which integrates artificial intelligence and cloud technology with projection technology to solve problems with existing application scenarios. Both professional installers and the general public can ultimately enjoy the visual experience.

The ZU720T quasi-professional projector will be exhibited by Optoma at InfoComm USA 2019. The product is tailored to meet trends in the visual application market and carve out a new product niche. It is suitable for different application scenarios, built with advanced projection performance, made with extreme ease of installation and has a competitive pricing. Thus it will undoubtedly become a new force to be reckoned with in professional and business projection solutions.



Fig 1. Optoma ZU720T, the world's first quasi-professional projector will be exhibited at InfoComm USA

Fig 2. Optoma ZU720T reduces the learning curve and product cost of immersive display.