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Coretronic (TW OTC: 5371), the world's largest and leading DLP projector manufacturing company, will showcase various revolutionary laser projection solutions at InfoComm China from 13-15 April 2016. Held at the China National Convention Center in Beijing, Coretronic will also exhibit automatic, all-in-one projectors and the world's first automatic blending, ultra-short-throw, ultra-bright interactive projector with an embedded camera. The projector also boasts a brightness of 4,000 lumens so users do not need additional equipment to achieve realistic visuals. They can also splice images through touch screen control, a truly brand-new experience. For projection solutions needed by exhibitions and performances, Coretronic will also showcase a 5,000-lumen, automatic blending projector and for home theatres, an ultra-bright and ultra-short-throw projector.

In the past, users had to manually splice projected visuals and hire high-tech professionals to help set up their projectors. As a result, the market is dominated by a few companies who install ultra-high lumen, long-throw projectors for use in exhibitions and performances.
Now, users need not worry about such challenges because Coretronic has leveraged its expertise in projection hardware and revolutionary software to give users more autonomy. For example Coretronic's widely-acclaimed ultra-short-throw projectors, touch screen modules, image-capture modules etc. At this exhibition, Coretronic will showcase its self-developed touch screen and automatic blending correction software which are both integrated in its latest offering- the world’s first ultra-short-throw laser projector with an embedded camera and automatic blending feature. Users only need to switch on the projector, press automatic blending and images will be automatically corrected. If used together with Coretronic’s self-developed 4K image processor, users do not need expensive video input media such as PCs. Users can connect with any device to enjoy easy and seamless image transmission and distribution. Thus, this technology can reduce common entrance barriers for system integrators, allowing control centers, enterprises, higher education institutions, training providers etc., to have projection control (i.e. blending).

This intelligent, automatic blending feature allows users to spend less on installation and training costs and most importantly, it offers a brand-new user experience. Whatever the blending volume, an unlimited and extended projection image with interactive touch screen features will allow users to enjoy video conferences or teaching on the cloud while interacting with their audiences. On the other hand, the automatic, intelligent blending feature gives end users a one-click quick-recovery function. This is unlike conventional image blending where users must stop all operations whenever external environment factors come into play. Professionals need to be called in to recalibrate the images. This costs money, time and labor. Thus the automatic, intelligent blending feature solves the all-too-common inconveniences caused by blending issues.

Coretronic will also showcase its long-throw, high-lumens, automatic-blending, laser projection solutions for the performance and exhibition market. At the exhibition, Coretronic will exhibit onsite four 5,000-lumen projectors which enhance overall luminosity to 10,000 lumens. It will also capture real-time images with multiple cameras, resolving the problem of projection surface angle exceeding single camera angle. The projectors also have automatic blending functions which respond to external environment changes with its one-click rapid-recovery feature.
Brian Hung, Manager of the Audiovisual Product Division at Coretronic said: “Visitors will have a chance to see actual street view images captured by our projectors that come with surface blending and interactive hand gesture recognition features. They can increase photo resolution or enlarge photos simply by using hand gestures, enjoying a truly immersive visual experience. This is the world’s first and only fully-automatic, all-in-one visual-based blending solution. Coretronic has a diverse portfolio of products for any market needs: ultra-short-throw projectors with interactive functions or long-throw, high-lumens projects. We aim to give our business partners unparalleled seamless, intelligent, automatic blending projectors so that they can expand the differences between projection and flat screen display.”

In the area of Full HD laser projection solutions for home theatres, Coretronic offers short-throw projectors with high lumens, high contrast, vivid visuals and colors to give the best audiovisual experience. The laser light source, lightweight and compact product design make it suitable for all types of interior decoration. It will be an important addition to any family’s smart network, acting as a display screen and controller, making life easier and more convenient.

InfoComm China is held from 13-15 April 2016 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. Coretronic’s booth is located at “Hall P/Booth PC3-01”.