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If I did not see it in person, it is hard to believe that there is a remote school surrounded by insects, birds and trees witnessing the flipped teaching for Taiwan’s next generation again and again.



In front of the stand, the teacher asked, “What leads are telling us that we are in a dangerous situation?” based on the answers by the students. “Disparity in Strength of both sides.” The student is uploading and projecting his mind map and analyzing the classic novel. What amazed me is that this situation occurred not at university rather than in a Chinese class in a remote junior high school.


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This is Shuang-Wen Junior High School in Nantou, and Teacher Alex Wang who is famous for flipped teaching is delivering.



Unexpected Multi-Function Digital Classroom

Teacher Wang and Coretronic have met in the business development workshop in May 2016. He was invited to the company to have a speech on the topic of “Overturn Innovation Forum: I have a dream” to share his experience in promoting flipped teaching in remote areas. By coincidence, he knew the laser projecting widescreen touching system and the plan of “Light of Dream Realizer” by Coretronic, he sighed that it would be nice to be used at school. Out of surprise, the research and develop team of Coretronic paid a visit to the class, planned and customize an enviable “multi-function digital classroom” for Shuang Wen Junior High School.


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The class delivered by teacher WANG adopts the innovative “MAPS” questioning techniques. Repeated memorization is not emphasized; the importance is on the understanding and capacity to conclude. The teacher is the guide and assists students learning through the conversation by asking questions. In order to have effective conversations, “the thoughts need to be seen” and to have “instant information exchange” between teacher and students, the little whiteboard on the students’ desks were used to engage before. Since two years ago with the assistance of Coretronic, the situation has changed: the inbuild small group discussion module which allows the question and answer page from different groups can be projected into the screen at the same time; Widescreen ultra-short-throw projection allows the image of notes to be optimized in its clarity; High sensitivity in capacitive touch allows the teacher to note and mark the homework image projected directly. Teacher Wang also discovered and imported iPad and AirServer with his students which use the technology in a perfect way.


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Spread Power of Overturn


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Nowadays, Teacher Wang’s multi-function digital classroom attracts 3000-4000 teachers and parents from Asian Chinese Circle a year to pay a visit to the class; each class is recorded by the assistant and uploaded to the Facebook Community “Maps - Designing education and questioning” on the same day and as usual, there will be 10,000-20,000 viewers watching online every day. As far as Teacher Wang’s concerned in receiving assistance time to time from the outside world, the donation of digital classroom from Coretronic is extraordinary. The most moving part is that a teacher has a good delivering method, met up with a technology company in Taiwan one day and the company was not providing a product casually for charity, it actually seriously observed the needs of the teacher and students in person, respected the users, and used the topic of education and changed the formalities and efficiency of education via technology.



On People’s Paths of Dream Realization, We Are Right Next to Them

Since 2016, Coretronic has been promoting the plan of “Light of Dream Realizer”, and it has used the core products of the company to reduce the gap of school facilities between the urban and rural areas. It has installed “multi-function digital classroom” equipped with ultra-short-throw projection and Widescreen with capacitive touch system hoping to assist teachers utilizing digital teaching and triggering students’ desire in learning via interactive technology.

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Profile of Alex WANG of Nantou Shuang Wen Junior High School

  • Currently the Dean of Nantou Shuang Wen Junior High School, 20 years teaching experience.
  • Speaker for TED TALK in 2014 and 2016.
  • Co-published educational work with Education·Parenting Family Lifestyle, Commonwealth Publishing Group and China Times Publishing Company.
  • Triple honored by receiving first prize for SUPER teacher, first prize for POWER teacher and Excellent Teacher Award.
  • Established Facebook community “Maps - Designing education and questioning” and attracts 10000-20000 viewers online per day.
  • Established “Teachers get support, Kids get hope.” professional workshop for teacher, and 20,000 teachers have been participated since.