Coretronic Visual Solutions

Coretronic Visual Solution has been devoted towards revolutionizing projection display technology. Specializing in optical, mechanical, electronic, cooling, and software technologies, the Coretronic Visual Solution team pursues various projector technology, image processing and system integration breakthroughs to expand cross-industry applications. Coretronic offers a variety of solutions ranging from sophisticated engineering projection, business meetings, and interactive education, to home entertainment, portable micro projectors, and displays for AR wearables.

DLP Technology

Coretronic’s Visual Solution Business Group has developed full-fledged Digital Light Processing (DLP) projection technology, and sales of our DLP products lead the world rankings. The DLP chipsets developed by Texas Instruments can project detailed, lifelike images using a compact and lightweight body. We are the first choice for featherweight, slim, quiet, and stable projectors.


Solid State Illumination

Solid State Illumination (SSI) technologies, such as Laser and LED light sources, boast a longer lifespan, wider color gamut, higher reliability, faster startup and shutdown, and freer projection angles. They have surpassed high-pressure mercury lamps.


In recent years SSI projection technology achieved innovative applications deeply intertwined with everyday scenarios, including ProAV laser projectors, Laser/LED home theater projectors, ultra-short throw interactive projector  for educational and corporate uses, portable LED projectors and AR glasses with LED displays.


Laser Phosphor Projection

Laser phosphor technology is a future-proof and cost-effective way to make laser illumination projection affordable in more application fields. It primarily uses blue laser diodes in combination with a phosphor wheel that generates red and green colors, whereas RGB laser technology uses separate red, green, and blue lasers. Coretronic chooses the right technology for the right application, determined by brightness, efficiency, and lifetime requirements.


With the innovative Coretronic MCLA (Multi Color Laser Architecture) adds a second red laser to the common blue laser, which results in greatly improved image brightness and colour performance.


20+ Years of Hands-On Experience

Coretronic is the world's foremost DLP projector manufacturing company with more than 20 years of projector design and production experiences. By leveraging our understanding in DMD technology, optical engines, heat sinks, mechanical design and software, we create first-to-market products for our clients and built up an all-win ecosystem in projection market. We know everything about projection and would be your most reliable projection consultant.


Technological Strength

Coretronic's Visual Solution team counts with abundant experience on the developmment of high-pressure mercury lamp projection. Its core strengths include optical, mechanical, electronic, cooling, and software technologies. In response to the maturity of solid-state Illumination (SSI) products and the market trend, Coretronic is also investing in state-of the art technologies. We explore fields such as image recognition, AI, big data and cloud services to help customers transcend the boundaries of projection applications in the age of AIoT.



01 LaserTechnology

Laser Technology

  • Phosphor Wheel

02 InteractiveTechnology

Interactive Technology

  • Laser Curtain
  • Wireless Touch
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Touch Blending
  • PCT Touch Film

03 OpticalEngineModule

Optical Engine Module

  • Solid State Illumination, SSI
  • DMD

04 LensTechnology

Lens Technology

  • ST/UST Lens
  • Zoom Lens

05 HeatTransfer

Heat Transfer

  • Thermal Module
  • Liquid Cooling

06 OpticalEngine

Optical Engine

  • LED/HLD Engine
  • Lamp Engine
  • Laser Engine

07 SmartConnection

Smart Connection

  • Video Conference System
  • APP Development
  • Cloud Application

08 ImageManipulation

Image Manipulation

  • Auto Calibration
  • Image Recognition
  • Image Blending
  • LED Image Processing

09 PowerRelated

Power Related

  • Network PSU
  • High Power Module

10 ComponentTechnology

Component Technology

  • Projection Screen
  • AF/Cover/Auto IRIS
  • 4K XPR Actuator

Manufacturing Strength

To aggressively pursued its vertical integration strategies, Coretronic set up its DLP projector and optical engine manufacturing plant in Kunshan (Jiangsu, China), whilst continuing to strengthen its corporate system resource and supply chain management in order to further enhance its operational performance and quality of customer service. Coretronic has continuously improved its competitive edge in manufacturing technologies and expanded the scale of its operations in recent years. The company strives to inject new energy into the conglomerate through the fortification of its core technological capabilities.


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