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R&D technologies
& direction

Always striving to become the world's premier provider of integrated visual solutions, the Visual Solution Business Group at Coretronic has committed its R&D resources to relevant technologies including projection displays, image processing, system integration, high efficiency high intensity light sources, wearable display device, VR displays, high power high efficiency power, touch solutions, special purpose thin film manufacturing, spectrometer and so forth for more than 10 years.

In recent years, solid state light sources have sparked a technological revolution in the projection display industry as the technology was found to be a viable replacement for high pressure mercury lamp light sources due to its advantages of a longer lifespan, wider colors, higher reliability, quicker startup and shutdown and no restrictions on projection angle. Based upon the technical advantages that Coretronic has accumulated in areas such as optical design, mechanical design, electronic design, cooling design and software design from the company's extensive experience in the development of traditional high pressure mercury lamps, Coretronic has incorporated solid state light sources such as LED and laser diodes into various light valve projection display systems in order to develop an array of high quality products that address a wide variety of market demands. These products include ultra-high brightness micro/pocket LED projectors, wide color LED / Laser home theater projectors, customized LED projection display solutions, laser ultra-short throw interactive display solutions for educational institutions and businesses, professional laser projectors, smart glasses and helmets with LED displays – and more. Coretronic is best-known around the world for its projectors that feature DLP (Digital Light Processing) technologies and imaging chipsets developed by Texas Instruments. The greatest selling point of DLP lies in its characteristics as a projection display system that utilizes digital reflection of images. DLP is not only capable of rendering ultra-fine projection image quality but also makes it possible to reduce the overall dimensions and weight of the projector. Coupled with Coretronic's powerful system integration and exclusive component design technologies, all our projectors are therefore able to meet the most stringent requirements for lightness, compactness, high brightness, quiet operation and reliable performance.

Technological platforms

  • Engine Business
  • UST Laser TV
  • Laser Projector
  • Value Projector
  • Pico/Pocket Projector
  • Blending Video Wall
  • Large Venue Projector
  • Cloud Interactive Projector
  • Smart Glasses
  • Smart Helmet
  • VR HMD
  • Smart Snow Goggles

Production and Manufacturing

Leading technological & manufacturing capabilities

Over the years, Coretronic has focused on the development of its ODM/OEM operations and, through its vertical integration strategies, the company has secured key patents and core technologies that have not only given Coretronic a leading technological edge in its home country of Taiwan but also placed the company in the ranks of the world's top developers and manufacturers.

Corporate vertical integration strategies

Starting in 2000, Coretronic initiated its extensive production deployment in China through the establishment of its manufacturing facilities for flat-panel display and related products in Kunshan. In 2005, the company aggressively pursued its vertical integration strategies by setting up its projector and optical component manufacturing plant, also in Kunshan, whilst continuing to strengthen its corporate system resource and supply chain management in order to further enhance its operational performance and quality of customer service.

Coretronic has continuously improved its competitive edge in manufacturing technologies and expanded the scale of its operations in recent years. The company strives to inject new energy into the conglomerate through the fortification of its core technological capabilities.

Lean management

With comprehensive ISO accreditations and strict adherence to the principles of Continuous Improvement Program (CIP), Coretronic endeavors to create maximum value as your most reliable strategic partner for sustainable management.

Globalized manufacturing and distribution

Coretronic operates a solid network of production facilities for internal and external distribution in order to accommodate all the shipping demands from all customers and thereby creating maximum value for them.